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These pages serve as a quick introduction to who I am and which kind of things I'm involved in.


I've been playing golf quite actively since about 2001. Lately my handicap has been around 6-8.

I started long distance running in late 2006. As of 2010, I've run seven marathons (best at 3h12m) and various shorter runs. Climbing (indoors, rocks) is also fun.

I've also read fantasy and sci-fi books (also see the recommendations). As could be expected, movies of that category also interest me. For example, check out somewhat outdated Babylon 5 gallery.


I received a Master of Sciences degree (with distinction) from Helsinki University of Technology at Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering in 2003. My focus was networking and security. My Master's Thesis was called "Examining Site Multihoming in Finnish Networks". I've also done some post-graduate work towards a PhD but after 3-4 publications my motivation has dropped a bit. If you're interested, see the list of publications.

I've been working at CSC-Scientific Computing Ltd since 1999, first as a Linux system administrator for 1.5 years and later as a network specilist for FUNET network. Funet work has consisted of network design, development and operations (IPv4/IPv6, multicast, routing, Cisco/Juniper routers, etc.) and participation in various research projects, international (IETF) standardization (including about a dozen RFCs) and collaboration.

I've also been doing some small-scale unix and network consulting (more or less similar things I've done on the day job) on the side. Check it out and contact me if you're interested.

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