Welcome to Netcore Homepage!

What is Netcore? (In Finnish)
Netcore Oy (Netcore Ltd) is a small Finnish enterprise established in 1996. The main focus is to providing solutions and consultation for advanced networking needs. Of course, basic services are also possible.

What do we do?
Our soltions are based on either Linux/FreeBSD operating systems and free software or commonly used networking technologies.

  • Routers, internetworking and routing protocols
    We have very strong experience from the desktops to the core networks: different networks and configuring them (e.g. Cisco, Juniper) and different routing protocols (e.g. BGP, Multicast, OSPF, IS-IS, etc.). Do you need assitance in configuration, maintenance, designing the network or something similar? No problem.

  • IPv6 and other new technologies
    We participate actively in the standardization of new technologies in the IETF, in particular IPv6 activities (examples of contributions). Do you need to find out the need for IPv6, design a strategy for migration and transition techniques, or something else? Routine.

  • Firewalls and security
    A filtering firewall which directs the incoming connection establishments to other nodes based on the used protocol? A bridging statefull firewall which can be installed anywhere at all in the network without changes in any of the network equipment? Designing firewall rules? Security analysis? Everyone of them doable.

  • System design and maintenance
    Should some specific kind of Linux/BSD -system be set up and possibly maintain it? We have very strong experience in Linux (in particular, Red Hat Linux) and FreeBSD. Even cross-continent maintenance is no problem at all. Everything is possible.

  • Network services like WWW, DNS, SMTP
    Should different kinds of network services be built, designed, changed or maintainted? We have extensive knowledge from WWW, name services, e-mail, and many other basic services. Just say it.

  • Other needs?
    It's certain that a fitting solution could be arranged. Contact netcore@netcore.fi and ask more.